Opening Day and Work

It's been a week since my last entry. The weekend had passed. I biked with my BF along Lake Michigan for around 6 miles. It's not bad at all except the wind was still chilly. We stopped by at Alterra Coffee for a cup of hot chocolate and a mocha muffin. Monday was exciting. I went to my first baseball game, Brewers v.s Pirates, and we won ! It was kinda boring though in the middle. But 2 homerun by Brewers made it much better. There were many people including my fellow workers passed out around the Miller Stadium. What a shame... The crazy fact is they were back in the office on Tuesday morning, seriously sober. It's like nothing happened the day before. Today until Friday, I worked at Kohl's Corporation in Menomonee Falls with Kim Rogowski. Everything was nice except the client didn't prepare for our coming, so I ended up doing different thing than what I supposed to do. BTW, Nadia is out from American Idol... America..please voteeee... !! I voted for Anwar 20 times last night, and it was great that he's safe ! I hope he will stay at least until the final 3. I feel tired, but it feels not rite to go sleep early. I really wanna enjoy my in town work days.


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