Biking and Hardee's

Here am I in the office again. This weekend had been really2 fun. We went biking for around 8 miles along Lake Michigan. We decided to ride on the hill, and then ride change the direction when we're on the top of the hill. The bike-meter showed that our speed was 20 mph ! Awesome ! The weather had been quite friendly. Sunday nite, we ate at Hardee's. I never ate there before, and I was curious on how greasy it was. And the truth is: It was sooo greasy and's 1/3 lbs of meat, plus the thick sourdough bread, with bacon, tomato, and mayo. Oh man, I felt guilty eating that stuff. Probably, I won't be back to Hardee's for a long long time. Even my BF couldn't finish his 1/2 pound burger.

My boyfriend is thinking to give away both cats that he owned. One is a gray domestic American cat. His name is Pipi. The latest one is Fei Fei, a Himalayan. The Himalayan is the same kind as in the Meet the Parent's Mr.Jinx. Anybody interested ? We decided to give away the cat, because it's not that good for woman (me) to have cats around. Both of them are so cute. Pipi is so handsome, and Feifei is so adorable.

This Wednesday, I'm going to Madison for Campus Recruiting Event. It feels so good to be back in my Campus. Love it !


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