Weekend after My First Engagement

Hi all, this is Sunday..I'm in Milwaukee now. Tomorrow I'll be back to Madison, continuing my job at Anchor Bank. Fell sooo tired, but it is my job, I just need to cope with it. I took 2 hour nap today, so I'm still up now, even though I'm supposed to sleep. I need to wake up at 6 tomorrow and drive to Madison at 6.45. Hopefully the traffic is friendly. Last week on Monday, I got there on time, but the traffic was kinda slow in Madison's downtown because the St. Raphael Cathedral was in fire. I felt kinda sad, because it's almost Easter, the biggest celebration. Hopefully they can find a way to build it back, or at least find the cause of the fire. I think I'm goona watch the Emperor's Club DVD now. I just bought it 2 weeks ago, and haven't had a chance to see it. Bye weekend, hello weekdays !


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