My Mom's Canteen and My First Engagement

This morning, I chatted with my mom and my brother for about 2.5 hours. We talked about many things especially about my mom new canteen business. Sometimes I think my mom wasn't up for the challenge, she's afraid that the consumer will be disappointed if she didn't do the best. The thing is, my mom took care of everything by herself. I and my brother are trying to help her through idea of delegation, but my mom was too worry about everything. Hopefully my brother can help her to build up her confidence level, and tone down her stress level.

It's Thursday already, it means in 4 days I will be in Madison, doing my first engagement. For the whole week, I will be apart from Yayang, but I'll be back in Milwaukee on Friday night. I just found out that I will be in Appleton for around 15 weeks during this year. It's around 2 hours driving, hopefully I'll be fine with everything. I also need to take my CPA exam. My target it, I would like to finish all 4 parts before the end of the year and pass all of them. My study time is going to be between the engagement.

Tonight I'll do my laundry because I ran out of clothes. The client asked us to wear business professional every day except friday we can wear business casual. So, I will try my best to mix and match. Can't wait to see the Apprentice tonight !


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