My Aunty's Birthday Cake

Boring..boring... That's probably my state of mind right now. Nothing really happened during this week since my assignment will be next week. BTW, last week was the birthday of my aunty, Imelda or I called her Engkim Tjoe Koo. She turned 59 on March 3rd, and I decided to send her a birthday cake. However, it was really hard to find a good quality pastry shop that can deliver the cake. First, I checked Corica, and they said they couldn't deliver the order less than Rp. 1 Million. Then, I realized that Eaton pastry has a really great selection of cake, and I called my mom to checked if they can do delivery. Unfortunately no, but we still went with Eaton since we'd already known the quality of their products. We ordered tiramisu, and fortunately, my Aunty loved it. She said she never had tiramisu before. The cake was much bigger than what I'd expected. She even had a chance to share the cake with people in the office she said. I'm glad that everything went pretty well.

Yesterday I was so tired and I slept for 2 hours after work. I missed one episode of American Idol... *sigh* I messaged Sinyo to send me the link of the download center. He is the master of dowloading.. :P Hopefully the American Idol file will be up tonite.


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