Earthquake in Nias

It's so sad that Indonesia has to experience another disaster. There is 8.7 Richter Scale earthquake strucked Nias Island this morning. Probably around 2000 people died or even more. I just can pray for them, so God may give them a rest, and for family members left, my biggest condolences for them. Today, my senior Sara asked me to fax 50 confirmation letters to 50 different numbers of Middle East countries. Unfortunately 50% of them were failed... It took me 3 hours to run through all the faxes... I also helped one of the director preparing the 10-K consent. She gave me April 22nd for the deadline, and I finished kinda early... That's me.. when I really into something, I worked on it with all my heart... That's what I feel about cooking... not for CPA exam though :P Studying had been really slow...I just wanna get over it..


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