Almost Easter !

On Monday, my senior sent me back to Milwaukee, because my part of the job was done. I was sooo tired because I went to Madison on Monday morning, and went back to Milwaukee on Monday evening. This is Wednesday already, but I felt that my sleep time isn't enough yet. However, I am glad that I came back to Milwaukee kinda early, because on Thursday, Friday and Saturday I can go to the church together with my BF. I've never had the Holy Triduum in Milwaukee. Hopefully the masses are gonna be as wonderful as what I had in Madison. I can't wait to show my BF that the meaning of Easter is more than just a bunny and easter eggs. I started studying for my CPA exam... but my mood is not there yet, and I felt kinda sleepy all the time...zzz..zzz wake up..only 1.5 more hours to go :)


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