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Earthquake in Nias

It's so sad that Indonesia has to experience another disaster. There is 8.7 Richter Scale earthquake strucked Nias Island this morning. Probably around 2000 people died or even more. I just can pray for them, so God may give them a rest, and for family members left, my biggest condolences for them. Today, my senior Sara asked me to fax 50 confirmation letters to 50 different numbers of Middle East countries. Unfortunately 50% of them were failed... It took me 3 hours to run through all the faxes... I also helped one of the director preparing the 10-K consent. She gave me April 22nd for the deadline, and I finished kinda early... That's me.. when I really into something, I worked on it with all my heart... That's what I feel about cooking... not for CPA exam though :P Studying had been really slow...I just wanna get over it..

Almost Easter !

On Monday, my senior sent me back to Milwaukee, because my part of the job was done. I was sooo tired because I went to Madison on Monday morning, and went back to Milwaukee on Monday evening. This is Wednesday already, but I felt that my sleep time isn't enough yet. However, I am glad that I came back to Milwaukee kinda early, because on Thursday, Friday and Saturday I can go to the church together with my BF. I've never had the Holy Triduum in Milwaukee. Hopefully the masses are gonna be as wonderful as what I had in Madison. I can't wait to show my BF that the meaning of Easter is more than just a bunny and easter eggs. I started studying for my CPA exam... but my mood is not there yet, and I felt kinda sleepy all the time...zzz..zzz wake up..only 1.5 more hours to go :)

Weekend after My First Engagement

Hi all, this is Sunday..I'm in Milwaukee now. Tomorrow I'll be back to Madison, continuing my job at Anchor Bank. Fell sooo tired, but it is my job, I just need to cope with it. I took 2 hour nap today, so I'm still up now, even though I'm supposed to sleep. I need to wake up at 6 tomorrow and drive to Madison at 6.45. Hopefully the traffic is friendly. Last week on Monday, I got there on time, but the traffic was kinda slow in Madison's downtown because the St. Raphael Cathedral was in fire. I felt kinda sad, because it's almost Easter, the biggest celebration. Hopefully they can find a way to build it back, or at least find the cause of the fire. I think I'm goona watch the Emperor's Club DVD now. I just bought it 2 weeks ago, and haven't had a chance to see it. Bye weekend, hello weekdays !

It's Hard To Be an Auditor

I'm in Madison today. I've worked for three days now at Anchor Bank, and I found out that it is HARD to be an auditor. We worked our butts 10-11 hours a day but got paid only for 8 hours hahahah.. I think that's the risk. My team Joanna, Bryan Becker, and Brian Donley ( we had 2 Brian here) had been very helpful since this is my first job ever. I think we managed to do it really well since we are ahead of schedule. That's why today we left at 5.50 PM. Tomorrow we will celebrate St. Patrick day. My team will have a dinner at Brocach Irish Pub, and we will join another EY audit teams. Probably we'll have 16-20 people. Hopefully nobody gets hangover.

My Mom's Canteen and My First Engagement

This morning, I chatted with my mom and my brother for about 2.5 hours. We talked about many things especially about my mom new canteen business. Sometimes I think my mom wasn't up for the challenge, she's afraid that the consumer will be disappointed if she didn't do the best. The thing is, my mom took care of everything by herself. I and my brother are trying to help her through idea of delegation, but my mom was too worry about everything. Hopefully my brother can help her to build up her confidence level, and tone down her stress level. It's Thursday already, it means in 4 days I will be in Madison, doing my first engagement. For the whole week, I will be apart from Yayang, but I'll be back in Milwaukee on Friday night. I just found out that I will be in Appleton for around 15 weeks during this year. It's around 2 hours driving, hopefully I'll be fine with everything. I also need to take my CPA exam. My target it, I would like to finish all 4 parts befo

My Aunty's Birthday Cake

Boring..boring... That's probably my state of mind right now. Nothing really happened during this week since my assignment will be next week. BTW, last week was the birthday of my aunty, Imelda or I called her Engkim Tjoe Koo. She turned 59 on March 3rd, and I decided to send her a birthday cake. However, it was really hard to find a good quality pastry shop that can deliver the cake. First, I checked Corica, and they said they couldn't deliver the order less than Rp. 1 Million. Then, I realized that Eaton pastry has a really great selection of cake, and I called my mom to checked if they can do delivery. Unfortunately no, but we still went with Eaton since we'd already known the quality of their products. We ordered tiramisu, and fortunately, my Aunty loved it. She said she never had tiramisu before. The cake was much bigger than what I'd expected. She even had a chance to share the cake with people in the office she said. I'm glad that everything went pretty well.

Trip To Cleveland

1.30 AM today. Yes, that's the time we reached my BF's place from Cleveland. The were many things happened during the weekend. First, on the way to Cleveland, we got a speeding ticket for $125. I can't believe it, because we drove at 75 mph with cruise control, but the police stopped us saying that we ran at 84 mph. Probably they just played with us, but we really couldn't do anything. We arrived at Lakewood, OH at 7.30 PM, but the person that we're supposed to meet was still at work. He said he'll be back in 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, he didn't show up, and even he said he'd be there in 45 minutes. He was playing with us after we drove more than 7 hours and got a ticket.... *sigh* He even asked us to change the meeting time into Sunday... We were very hungry and decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant, and called the guy to meet us there. Then at 9.30 PM, we FINALLY met him. He was a nice guy actually. The thing was, we were suspicious about him, and

Nissan 240SX

My BF is crazy about Nissan 240SX. Everyday he stared in front of the computer, searching for this car. Until yesterday, he found one in Cleveland, OH, and he bargained with the owner. And after less than 6 hours, he decided to buy the car. So our plan for this weekend is going to Ohio. This Saturday, we will rent a car and drive for 6.5 hours, do the transaction, and stay at the hotel for one night. On Sunday, we well do some sightseeing, go to the church, and coming back to Milwaukee with our "new" car. Until now, we haven't seen the car, not even the picture of the car. Hopefully the seller is not a bummer... Yay, road trip is gonna be fun !!!

Neenah Engagement

Tuesday tuesday... I checked my schedule, and I have one more engagement in April. Unfortunately, the location is in Neenah, WI. Oh man..That's gonna be far from Milwaukee, probably about 2 hours away for the whole week. Fortunately it's only for one week. It's okay since I really2 want to work and learn from new experience. I will miss my Yayank... Today is quite boring, at least I can browse the internet. Yay :) Still though, it's kinda frustating doing nothing in the job. Hopefully next week I will have an engagement.. I really really hope.

Hypnotize !

This week started with crazy police car sound in the morning that made me couldn't sleep really well. I don't know why, but I couldn't really sleep the whole nite. I think it's because I took a nap around 5PM yesterday. Anyway, last Saturday, the dinner was fun, especially because some of my friends got hypnotized. They acted like they were watching scary movie, comedy, and later they came to a horse race. It was fun to watch... Sarah especially, she was so relaxed, then her mind was controlled by the voice of the leader. She was really expressive, raised her feet from the floor, laughed and scream like she had her own world. She didn't know that she was up there on the stage for more than 1 hour. She thought it was only 10 minutes. BTW, I'm also glad that my BF could make it. He was happy watching the show, and he got well too. I checked my schedule today and I will have an engagement on May. Before that ? I don't really know what to do in the office. Hopef