Probably this is my sweetest valentine ever. We celebrated valentine one day earlier because on Monday we were busy with our own job and had no more energy to cook fancy food. He cooked me a really wonderful dinner last night. He called it seafood medley pasta. Basically it is champanele with shrimps, clams, scallops, oyster in seafood marinara sauce, complete with chunky tomato pieces and sun-dried tomato. It's truly yummy, and I really appreciate it.

Just before the dinner started, he brought out a dozen of red roses that he kept for one day in one of the bedrooms. There was also a small balloon said "Happy Valentine's Day". Later he brougt out a box and a card. And I kept wondering what's inside the box. He already knew that I bought him a striped short sleeved shirt because he found it already when he opened my trunk :). Our dinner is concluded with Tiramisu custard that he'd already bought on Wednesday. I remembered on Wednesday he got back from my house at 10PM and the store closed at 10:30PM. So he raced his car to buy me a quart of ice cream without me knowing it.

After dinner, we opened our presents. I read the card first and it said "Let me tell you a secret.." I asked him, "What secret ?" And he grabbed a UV light from the pantry and turned it on. On the card it said "I Love U Yayank", made of phosporous ink. After all the good dinner, he surprised me more with his creative idea. He bought me a wallet because he knew that my old wallet was ripped here and there.

Just wanna say, thank you Yayang, for giving me that special moment. Hope we can spend more valentines in the future together.


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