Last Weekend before Officialy Working

Yay... it's Friday... it's weekend ! There is not much difference for me between weekdays and weekends, however, this is my last weekend as an unemployed slacker :). Next monday I'll start my job as a staff at Ernst and Young AABS. This weekend is more special because Lina and Alex will come to Milwaukee, and we will definitely enjoy our time together. Still not knowing where to eat though... Lina asked me to find something special because she is ready to eat a lot...(probably she's stressful with all her teaching job..ckckck). And, I love last night's Apprentice. I love Net Worth when they are in the gear and in the same pace. Angie, she rocks ! Danny is just a black goat that the team put as a project manager. Poor him, cause I think he is a free spirit that can't have any deadline. Probably the Apprentice is not the right show for him. Next Wednesday is Chinese New Year and also the beginning of Lenten Season (Ash Wednesday). Not sure if we can celebrate the new year with tremendous amount of food since we have to fast on Wednesday. But I've bought lots of fish to be enjoyed during the lenten season (Mahi mahi and red snapper... Yummy)...


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