Hypnotize !

This week started with crazy police car sound in the morning that made me couldn't sleep really well. I don't know why, but I couldn't really sleep the whole nite. I think it's because I took a nap around 5PM yesterday. Anyway, last Saturday, the dinner was fun, especially because some of my friends got hypnotized. They acted like they were watching scary movie, comedy, and later they came to a horse race. It was fun to watch... Sarah especially, she was so relaxed, then her mind was controlled by the voice of the leader. She was really expressive, raised her feet from the floor, laughed and scream like she had her own world. She didn't know that she was up there on the stage for more than 1 hour. She thought it was only 10 minutes. BTW, I'm also glad that my BF could make it. He was happy watching the show, and he got well too. I checked my schedule today and I will have an engagement on May. Before that ? I don't really know what to do in the office. Hopefully I'm not stuck here anymore browsing through my computer, and checking my email every 10 minutes.. Ciao..


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