Another Indonesian at EY US

Yeee haaaawww.. it's Friday again. Kinda boring here in the office, have no client engagement until now. Hopefully next week I will get a little bit busy so I don't get bored anymore. Yesterday while browsing around the directory, I found an Indonesian name, and I messaged that person. It's nice to know that other Indonesian worked at E and Y even though he is kinda far (Chicago office is around 1.5-2 hours from here). He emailed me this morning saying that I can always contacted him if I have questions. He also said that I need to enjoy my time as a Staff 1, because after this, everything will be crazy. He is a senior, and during busy season he works 80 hours a week. Oh noo...

This weekend we will have our first company dinner. It is called Mind-Altering dinner a mid-busy season party hehehe... I'm so excited. Can't wait to go there. However, my boyfriend is still sick. Hopefully today he'll get better. He has an appointment with the doc today, and better be a good news then. Still have 6 more hours inside the office... Bear with it Nonnnn....


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