Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another Indonesian at EY US

Yeee haaaawww.. it's Friday again. Kinda boring here in the office, have no client engagement until now. Hopefully next week I will get a little bit busy so I don't get bored anymore. Yesterday while browsing around the directory, I found an Indonesian name, and I messaged that person. It's nice to know that other Indonesian worked at E and Y even though he is kinda far (Chicago office is around 1.5-2 hours from here). He emailed me this morning saying that I can always contacted him if I have questions. He also said that I need to enjoy my time as a Staff 1, because after this, everything will be crazy. He is a senior, and during busy season he works 80 hours a week. Oh noo...

This weekend we will have our first company dinner. It is called Mind-Altering dinner a mid-busy season party hehehe... I'm so excited. Can't wait to go there. However, my boyfriend is still sick. Hopefully today he'll get better. He has an appointment with the doc today, and better be a good news then. Still have 6 more hours inside the office... Bear with it Nonnnn....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Scheduling Vacation and Grandma's Funeral

It's Monday again, and I'm back in the office. Today I did some more scheduling. Most employees have their vacation planned already. I don't even know if I need to take vacation. I talked to my BF 2 days ago, and we were thinking that we should take our vacation during the audition of American Idol, so I can enter the competition in one of the selected city. I'm really excited talking about American Idol, but I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to enter it.

Other story, the funeral of my Grandma went well. My mom said, everybody that came to the funeral was amazed by how beautiful the flower arrangement was. And because of that, one of the Nuns from Fons Vitae even said to my Mom, that my Grandma was happy already when she was on Earth, so she must be much happier right now in heaven.
AMEN to that !

Friday, February 18, 2005

Kenangan Tentang Emak

Semalem aku nggak bisa langsung tidur. Keinget inget terus sama sosoknya emak yang:

cerewet (kalo ini sih udah naturenya kali ya, gimana bisa mendidik anak anak yang 7 orang kalau nggak cerewet)

seneng makan tahu gorengnya si pendek (tahu isi pake cabe rawit, indomie juga pake cabe rawit),

seneng nonton berita walaupun nggak bisa denger (bayangin deh tuh, bisa ngerti segala macem peristiwa cuman dengan baca caption),

seneng baca koran (sampe dulu rebutan koran sama papa, dan papa sampe bete sendiri karena serial KoPingHo nya keburu diguntingin dan dikliping sebelum beritanya dibaca),

seneng makan cumi asin, ikan asin, telor asin (dulu tuh nggak ada hari di mana nggak ada cumi dan telor asin di atas meja),

seneng masak masak (pernah sampe dilarang masak sama mama karena udah nggak kuat, tapi masih tetep aja pengen ke dapur, ngangetin kue sampe air buat ngukusnya kering),

seneng nonton telenovela (suka rebutan remote control sama aku karena aku pengen nonton yang lain, sampe akhirnya beli tivi lagi buat nonton sendiri di kamarnya),

paling anti kalau kainnya lecek (kalo duduk di mobil, jangan sampe deh kita kedudukan kaennya, kalo nggak bisa sewot. Makanya papa kasih duduk di depan, supaya nggak kedudukan, jadi bini muda heheheh),

setia dengan sendal bututnya (kalo dibeliin sendal baru nggak mau pake, alesannya berat ngga enak, akhirnya pernah ke dokter pake sendal karet),

suka kasih jempol kalo misalnya anak dan mantu dan cucunya pada dandan cakep cakep (nah yang begini ini masih suka dilakuin pas udah kena stroke, walaupun ngga bisa ngomong, jempolnya masih berusaha dinaikin),

hampir nggak pernah pake hadiah yang dibeliin (tiap kali dapet barang bagus bagus, nggak pernah dipake, cuman disimpen doang di lemari, sayang katanya),

katanya sih mirip mukanya sama aku (percaya ngga percaya, sampe tahi lalet aja letaknya sama di bawah mata sebelah kanan, kalo diliat dari depan ya di sebelah kiri, terus jidatnya gede juga)

sayang sama anak anak, mantu, dan cucu (kalo yang ini udah nggak usah ditanya. Mau berkelakuan bagus, jelek, atau sakitin hatinya dia, nggak pernah disimpen dalem hati, tiap kali selalu diterima dengan tangan terbuka).

Panjang banget ya listnya, nggak bisa disebutin satu satu. So many wonderful memories, so many words to say, but nothing of that words can describe how much I love her.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Rest In Peace, Mak

We Shall Rise Again, On The Last Day....

I just got a news... a terrible news from Indonesia. My Grandma passed away last night. I really miss her. I do. People said that I resemblance her a lot. Our face, our way of talking.... It's hard to let her go. However, I knew that she had tried her best to retain her life. Sometimes breathing was just too difficult for her. Praying for her is probably the only thing that I can do. I love you Grandma, may you rest in peace.

In Loving Memory: Christine Eneng Suhartin

May 17, 1916 - February 16, 2005.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Probably this is my sweetest valentine ever. We celebrated valentine one day earlier because on Monday we were busy with our own job and had no more energy to cook fancy food. He cooked me a really wonderful dinner last night. He called it seafood medley pasta. Basically it is champanele with shrimps, clams, scallops, oyster in seafood marinara sauce, complete with chunky tomato pieces and sun-dried tomato. It's truly yummy, and I really appreciate it.

Just before the dinner started, he brought out a dozen of red roses that he kept for one day in one of the bedrooms. There was also a small balloon said "Happy Valentine's Day". Later he brougt out a box and a card. And I kept wondering what's inside the box. He already knew that I bought him a striped short sleeved shirt because he found it already when he opened my trunk :). Our dinner is concluded with Tiramisu custard that he'd already bought on Wednesday. I remembered on Wednesday he got back from my house at 10PM and the store closed at 10:30PM. So he raced his car to buy me a quart of ice cream without me knowing it.

After dinner, we opened our presents. I read the card first and it said "Let me tell you a secret.." I asked him, "What secret ?" And he grabbed a UV light from the pantry and turned it on. On the card it said "I Love U Yayank", made of phosporous ink. After all the good dinner, he surprised me more with his creative idea. He bought me a wallet because he knew that my old wallet was ripped here and there.

Just wanna say, thank you Yayang, for giving me that special moment. Hope we can spend more valentines in the future together.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


It's friday again.. WOW...many things happened during this week. I'M FINALLY WORKING !!! WOO HOO.. I went to Chicago for 2 days orientation. It was fun to meet new people, on the other hand it was kinda boring also because the interaction was not that many. The good thing is I have my own laptop now. Not really have it, but at least I can use it everyday. Just like now, I'm filling out my entry using my laptop. I'm in Milwaukee office right now, just finished with all Web Based Learning. I don't know what's my schedule for next week, but I believe it will be interesting and off course tiring. Have a great weekend everybody !

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Last Weekend before Officialy Working

Yay... it's Friday... it's weekend ! There is not much difference for me between weekdays and weekends, however, this is my last weekend as an unemployed slacker :). Next monday I'll start my job as a staff at Ernst and Young AABS. This weekend is more special because Lina and Alex will come to Milwaukee, and we will definitely enjoy our time together. Still not knowing where to eat though... Lina asked me to find something special because she is ready to eat a lot...(probably she's stressful with all her teaching job..ckckck). And, I love last night's Apprentice. I love Net Worth when they are in the gear and in the same pace. Angie, she rocks ! Danny is just a black goat that the team put as a project manager. Poor him, cause I think he is a free spirit that can't have any deadline. Probably the Apprentice is not the right show for him. Next Wednesday is Chinese New Year and also the beginning of Lenten Season (Ash Wednesday). Not sure if we can celebrate the new year with tremendous amount of food since we have to fast on Wednesday. But I've bought lots of fish to be enjoyed during the lenten season (Mahi mahi and red snapper... Yummy)...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Idol Audition

Wednesday morning.. Just woke up several minutes ago... Enjoying several last days that I could wake up this late. American Idol season 4 just started 3 weekend ago and it was hillarious. The show last night had somebody that looked and sound almost like Clay Aiken. Clay is still better though, but there were so many raw talents. My BF said he will suported me going to the audition for season 5 hehehe.. Many friends said the same, but I'm not sure if I have that confidence level in front of Simon, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of stuff.. Accounting VS. Singing... Last night my BF cooked chicken soup in the slow cooker. He said it will be ready for dinner tonight. Yummy...cannot wait... I also cannot wait watching the last audition of American Idol.. Wee hee...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Watching Sideways

Monday again...just got back from my BF's house. Yesterday, we watched Sideways, but it wasn't as good as I expected. I'd rather said that it was boring.... The acting was great, but the story was slow. I don't know why the critics said that it was a great movie with A ratings all over it, and even awarded the movie with Best Picture Comedy at Golden Globe. Probably I'm not that "smart" as those critics. After dinner, we watched Harold and Kumar, it was stupid, hillarious, a no brainer... What an opposite of Sideways. No matter what, both of them were entertaining.... Today's plan: cooking fried rice with Lap Xiong... yummy...