Crazy Neighbor

Saturday morning we woke up kinda early. It was because a phone call from the old guy that lives next to my boyfriend's house. He was upset because one of the neighbor turned on music at 12AM in the morning and he couldn't sleep. I felt the same last night, but I was too tired and I didn't pay attention to the music anymore. Since we had plenty of time, we decided to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the warm sunny weather (yay, it's above 35F today..happy happy). After taking a shower we went to Landmark theater to watch "Sideways". Unfortunately the theater was closed for the afternoon show because of power outage. Many people were grumpy and said that the theater is a bummer. Probably I'm going back this afternoon at 4:20, but the rate is not going to be matinee anymore. My boyfriend is sleeping right now... He didn't get enough sleep this week. Poor him.... Hopefully, he will be back on track after he wake up ( What track Non ? hehehe)..


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