Stupid Driver, Corn Maze, Paula's Farewell

Just got back from Lina's house. Today was crazy. I woke up at 6 in da morning and drove to Chicago for an interview. What a lousy interview, even though I think I did really good, but I'm not sure if that is the company that I'm gonna work for. Let's see the result then. Driving back to Madison without lunch, tried to conquer the jam before it went crazy. Later, I went to Honda to do estimation for my damage. Oh mannn, it's gonna cost me $993.39 to fix the dent. I determined to find the person who hit my car. So I went to the DMV to get the form for searching the owner of the vehicle. Thank God I had the plate number. But still it's a Georgia's plate, so just crossing my finger now.

Tonite I and other 19 of my friends went to Kopps to enjoy the peanut butter chocholate custard and we also went to a Corn Maze near Milwaukee.. It was scaryyyy.... for 40 minutes we walked along the maze. I am in the same group with Lina, Kiki, and Alex. You know what, Alex screamed the loudest !! I managed to come to Paula's place. She will go back to Indonesia Saturday afternoon. I wished her the best luck for her future no matter where she goes.

Andy, my friend from Purdue arrived here at 12.30 AM. So after I delivered some friends, I went to Lina's place to lend her my airbed and meet Andy. Here I am just got back home several minutes ago, almost 3 AM in the morning. What a full day ! I and Lina planned to take Andy and his friend Aryo around town tomorrow. Probably we will have three layer pork at Beijing for lunch ! I'm tired now.. wanna go to bed :)


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