Exam at Harry Potter's School

Ahhh... long time no see... long time no update... too busy with school etc etc.. hiks hiks.. everything seems to be so full with sections from internal revenue code and multiple regression from econometrics... Hiks hiks... Thanks God this weekend I'm a little bit freee... Yihaaa... Wanna go to corn field with some friends on Friday nite..hopefully Paula my cousin can join our flock since she is going back to Indonesia on Saturday. This Thursday is my exam day... aiyah.... and it will be held at nite..from 7.15 to 9.15 PM. The location is Science hall..it always reminded me of Harry Potter's school.. it's dark and gloomy.. don't wanna go there..but I have to. Wish me luck on the exam..hopefully I can do it well...


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