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Bad Day

Weekend.. bunch of shits happened... Keep praying Non... God, Jesus, and Mary will always be with me. Mak, cepet sembuh yah..aku kangen banget sama emak...


Two days ago, I had two exams, and that day seemed to be the worst day... Both exams were really hard. I don't even wanna talk on how hard they are. Again, today is Wednesday anyway. I think it's gonna be better to relax since I will have no exam until next month. This weekend is gonna be fun though. Doing interview on Friday morning with EY, then I can enjoy my weekend. It feels so short everytime I had a good time. I wish that weekdays are weekends, and switch them. Therefore I will go to school for 2 days, and enjoy the last 5 days relaxing. What a crazy idea. I'm too tired with all school work. Somehow, I still went back to read my book... the other half of me said that I need to work hard to achieve what I want... Whatever... Ok then, I wanna enjoy the rest of this day !

Stupid Driver, Corn Maze, Paula's Farewell

Just got back from Lina's house. Today was crazy. I woke up at 6 in da morning and drove to Chicago for an interview. What a lousy interview, even though I think I did really good, but I'm not sure if that is the company that I'm gonna work for. Let's see the result then. Driving back to Madison without lunch, tried to conquer the jam before it went crazy. Later, I went to Honda to do estimation for my damage. Oh mannn, it's gonna cost me $993.39 to fix the dent. I determined to find the person who hit my car. So I went to the DMV to get the form for searching the owner of the vehicle. Thank God I had the plate number. But still it's a Georgia's plate, so just crossing my finger now. Tonite I and other 19 of my friends went to Kopps to enjoy the peanut butter chocholate custard and we also went to a Corn Maze near Milwaukee.. It was scaryyyy.... for 40 minutes we walked along the maze. I am in the same group with Lina, Kiki, and Alex. You know what, Alex sc

Exam at Harry Potter's School

Ahhh... long time no see... long time no update... too busy with school etc etc.. hiks hiks.. everything seems to be so full with sections from internal revenue code and multiple regression from econometrics... Hiks hiks... Thanks God this weekend I'm a little bit freee... Yihaaa... Wanna go to corn field with some friends on Friday nite..hopefully Paula my cousin can join our flock since she is going back to Indonesia on Saturday. This Thursday is my exam day... aiyah.... and it will be held at nite..from 7.15 to 9.15 PM. The location is Science always reminded me of Harry Potter's school.. it's dark and gloomy.. don't wanna go there..but I have to. Wish me luck on the exam..hopefully I can do it well...