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Last Semester

Went to Advance Accounting class today... And the teacher worried that the students were still in sleeping mode hehhehe.. So she challenged us to stay awake, or she would ask us to do jumping jacks hehehe... And even though not many of us were up for the challenge, the teacher didn't have the heart to continue the challenge. Instead, she gave us a question that we answered together. I managed to answer the question correctly, so I hope I got something for my participation score :). The Business Law II class went pretty well. Prof. Boucher was very enthusiactic in explaining the subject matter. Still, I couldn't 100% concentrate of what he said since there were lots of "American People" material. Need to study harder ! I met Prof. Rittenberg after class, and he wished me a good semester.

Back to Madison !

Wuah..lama nggak ngisi...Back in Madison several days ago. Still trying to fix my schedule.. gilak kemaren sempet jetlag dan migrain gitu pas hari pertama sekolah. Cuman alhamdulillah, hari kedua sekolah, semuanya udah beres lagi..cihui... Hari ini pengumumannya Indonesian Idol nih..hiks pengen banget nonton di Indonesia.. cuman sayang nggak bisaaaa... tunggu berita dari mama aja deh... Ntar siangan pikiran mau nonton bareng Lina, Cenlin, sama Renata (anak baru dedenya Enriko dan Novita). Masih nggak tau mo nonton apaan hihihi..Mungkin mo nonton chicks flicks macemnya Vanity Fair sama Princess Diary... kesian deh tuh si CenLin huahhahhahha