Monday, June 08, 2009

Turning 25 - Dedicated to My Brother

No no no... It's not me who's turning 25. I turned 25 a long long long time ago hahahahaha. Today is the birthday of my one and only sibling, my little brother, Ardi. During the New Order Era, he was very proud of his birthday that falls on the same day with our 2nd President, Soeharto (And at that time, I insisted in my childhood mind, that if my brother's birthday fell on the President's birthday, then mine supposed to fall on the First Lady's birthday haha...).

So, first of all, let me say: Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Ardi !! Woo hoo ! He is entering the 2nd quarter of the century of his life! He's been my companion for so many years, more than just a brother, but to me he's also my best friend (next in line to my Mom). Let me tell you some of the crazy things that I know about him.

1. He used to be very very skinny when he was a little kid. He couldn't eat something heavy or hearty. His favorite food was long bean, and he could eat long beans with rice only e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y!! Thanks to my mom persistency to feed him with Scott's Emulsion, he turned to be chubby and cute by the time he reached 6-7 yrs old, and until now, he’s still chubby and he can eat anything!! Yes, eating becomes his hobby, even sometimes he forgot that he had uric acid problem. But the crazy thing is, when he focused on something, he was able to not eat until 5 PM, and ate 3 people’s portions after that haha.

2. He used to never have any interest in music. When my Dad or Mom asked him to learn how to play organ, he always said no. His only interest with organ was when I played certain songs, he was happy to participate in pressing the "fill-in" or "ending" button to my rhythm, and then we laughed together (remember Farid Harja's song: Romantika Diamor ??). And I don't know when he became a music freak. I guess it started when I was studying in the States. He's not a music freak in playing instrument. He doesn't play any! But I can say that he's a music database! I am kinda ashame and also proud to admit, that my brother memorized Kangen Band's songs. Doh ! And he kept us entertained every time we went karaoke-ing because of his odd song choices (Now you can imagine The Killers or Coldplay combined with Kangen Band or Kuburan Band).

3. My Dad used to call him The Destroyer because he could just ruin or destroy anything. He liked to burn papers using the candle every time we had blackouts (or he burned anything else near it). One day, he took our spoon set rack (together with the spoons, forks, and all the items in there), he went up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the house, and he threw the whole rack down to the 1st floor! The sound was horrible, and for sure, our eating utensils were scattered on the floor. He was only 4 or 5 years old at that time, and when we asked him why he did that, he said he had no reason! *grrrhhhh*. But later, he turned out to be a very delicate person. Seeing his interest in itsy bitsy stuff, on his 8th birthday, my Dad decided to buy him a really huge Lego set in the shape of a Pirate Boat (for age 12+). I remember it consisted of thousands of super tiny plastic blocks, but he managed to finish making it in 3 days! *Note: we still keep the pirate boat till now :) It was my bro's childhood achievement*

4. I don’t know if I can categorize my brother into smart of not too smart. In academic field he’s doing quite well. He always managed to get into the top 5 in his class during elementary school, he also managed to get into the favorite all boys school Canisius in Menteng, and he did well in the University. But sometimes I just couldn’t stand his lack of interest in daily life knowledge. For example, it is REALLY-REALLY hard for him to memorize the road. He almost never paid any attention to every road that we passed. I can guarantee you. If I ask him today the road to our grandma’s house, he won’t be able to explain it. BUT, there’s an exception to that. When he met the girl that he liked, and he delivered her home for the first time, he would remember every detail of the road right away, and he even could explain to us on how to get there. Should we call it the magic of love?

5. Warning: This one might make you puke!! My brother is not the cleanest person on earth. Until about 2 months ago, every time he cut his nails or cleaned his ears, he didn’t care about the dirty mess that he left, and never cleaned it up. So sometimes I stepped on his pieces of nails (or ear wax...euww..!) At least now he’s changed and uses a piece of paper to collect the mess (after I got really2 mad for uncounted times). The next one is even worse. When I sat in front of his study table, I accidentally touch the bottom of the table top, and felt lots of sticky stuff under there. When I saw it...OMG, it was horror... hundreds of pieces of dried snots were there!! And my brother proudly admitted that when he sat there, every time he picked his nose, he always put the snot under the table! Shoot! To help you imagine of how dirty the table was, he has been using the same table for...hmm... almost 20 yrs! Haha! To make this story more interesting, let me tell you this. 2 months ago, I and my mom also found out that the wall next to the toilet bowl was also dirty because of his dried snots! We thought previously it was just dirty, but looking at the history, we realized that it was my brother’s mess. So we gave him old newspapers and ask him to scrub everything down. Thanks God it’s over!

I have so many more stories to tell, but I guess I am going to stop now. Probably I am going to save it for his 26th birthday, but I won’t guarantee that. Even though sometimes I got irritated by his ‘stupid, crazy, and annoying’ attitude, I won’t exchange him for anything in the world. I know that I yelled a lot at him, but I did that because I love him very much that I always want him to be a better person. In the end, I am still her big sister, and without our Dad (who in June 3rd 2009 had passed away for 8 years), I feel the responsibility of making sure that my brother is ready to face the world.

To Ardi: Happy Birthday, Di! I wish you good health, bright future, and off course a wonderful love life. And since this year might be the last year that we celebrate your birthday together before I move from Jakarta, please treat me and Mom to a really nice restaurant and we wish you abundant return later in the future hehehehe....


  1. hahahaha dulu gua pas kecil juga suka naruh upil di bawah meja lho... :P
    tapi itu pas masih kecil... abis itu udah gak lagi kok. hehehe.

    btw taon depan kan lu bisa pulang dong ny pas si ardi ultah... hehehe.

    happy birthday ya buat ardi!

  2. ah perasaan kamu baru kemaren 25 hehhee belom lama lah

    happy birthday ye buat baby bronya.dikit ya your siblings :D aku ada 5

  3. eh yg no 3 mirip iki hahaha aku manggil dia dulu juga destroyer. plus dia juga suka bakar2x kertas. hobby banget tuh dia dulu maen api

  4. Arman >> Taon depan tuh pada tanggal segituan, kemungkinan gue baru aja pindah, or mungkin siap2 pindah.

    Mercuryfalling >> Thanks Di, aku turned 25 udah almost 2 yrs ago, yg aku pergi ke Hongkong unplanned itu. Hehe, apa semua anak cowok kayak gitu ya Di ? Suka bakar2an.