Thursday, May 18, 2006

Postingan Indah Tentang Elliott

Teman-teman, ini adalah artikel yang sangat menyentuh, yang saya ambil dari Musebay. Sama seperti si penulis, saya juga merasa tersentuh oleh suara Elliott sejak penampilan perdananya di American Idol. He's a true American Idol to me.

Writing About Elliott in This Moment of Uncertainty

This day has rather been bleak for me not only because I am sick from my travel but because of negative vibes around the Internet about my favorite Idol contestant.
So I decided to write my thoughts about the E-man, and I write this withe due respect to my friend Chip, who is an ardent follower of Katharine McPhee, and to all Musebay visitors who choose to support another contestant.

I call myself not only as an E-follower but a true believer of this phenomenal talent. Although I am always on my feet somewhere else, I see to it that I get through Elliott’s phone lines each week. Last night, I voted as if there were no tomorrow.

So why Elliott?

I first noticed E the first time he performed in the Top 24, when the camera finally focused on him. Blame it on the unfair airtime among contestants not to mention how the Brittenum twins drowned Elliott in the background. Yes he was just another guy and was another guy for a few more weeks but his rendition of “If You Really Love Me” made me put down my dinner plate and stood in front of the television– silent and wondering how beautiful his voice was. So I thought that this guy could sing but maybe it was just a good song choice. One good performance was not good enough to make me root for him. The week after that, he performed ”Moody’s Mood For Love” and I was blown away.

Elliott is the only contestant this season whose voice pierced through my heart, most of the times pierced it deeply. I am not easily impressed by novice singers but tears came easily when he did “A Song For You.” Every time I watch his video performance of that song, I couldn’t help but feel the song’s emotions come alive with Elliott’s voice.

So tonight the contestants were down to three. I am grateful enough to see Elliott in the semi-finals but if I were to assess each remaining contestant, Elliott is the only one who is most deserving to wear the Idol crown. Whether you understand the English lyrics in his songs or not, you will agree with me on this. This is because when Elliott sings, his great pipes generate a sound that is deemed universally magnificent– yes, you don’t have to be familiar with the song he sings to appreciate nor understand English to be impressed by it. Elliott proves true the modified saying that great music is universal. Only a stoned heart will never be moved by him.

Elliott did not win my vote instantly. He earned it and earned it well. He won a myriad of supporters across the globe not by first impression nor by looks but by sheer talent, impeccable vocals, oustanding personality and humility admidst the glitz and glamour in the labyrinth that is Hollywood. As weeks passed by, Elliott converts grew in numbers that they even managed to bring the man often called as “The Funky White Boy” to the semi-finals. This is what Elliott magic is all about. His greatness is cloaked by his shy smile and boyish look in front of cameras. No, he didn’t need to be pomp and bombastic to be referred to as The Best Male Vocalist of Season 5. He doesn’t need to do stage antics, be antsy and twitchy to be loved by the audience. He doesn’t need to wear revealing clothes, do a musical Broadway drama, sport a sultry look and bat his eyes to the magnifying camera lense, sprawl himself on the floor to be glorified, nor defend himself when the judges are harsh on him. The sole most powerful weapon that this guy uses is what this show is all about: TALENT.

Apparently, some people still refuse to see that or play deaf, mute and blind to what this man has to offer. This is still a harsh world afterall, especially in the field that Elliott chose to traverse.
But who can deny Elliott’s genius? Anyone who is not deaf or even 90% deaf knows that. Sometimes I am still amazed that inspite of Elliott’s physical flaws, he is still a better singer by a mile than most contestants this season.
Elliott, for me, is a living inspiration and hope. He inspires many people by his real-life Cinderella story. He encouraged so many viewers to believe once more in the mockery that is American Idol that became more of a popularity contest than a singing competition. He brings hope to the many Elliott Yamins around the world to continue reaching for the stars inspite of their poverty, physical illness and hopelessness.

I can almost imagine Elliott singing at the center stage of the Kodak Theatre next week and fulfill his ultimate dream. I hope to hear him say, “This is the greatest moment of my life” in front of millions of people. He will be the center of the world and all that because of his faith in himself and his fan’s faith in him. But I think the best thing that happened to Elliott during his quest for the American Idol title is how he won supporters around the world that are so passionate about his music. I’ve been around every A.I. forum on the internet and read a lot of campaigns by fans of their favorites but I’ve never seen those who have the same burning passion and love for their Idol like Elliott’s E-train. These fans sincerely believe in what this man can do! The overwhelming support and determination to bring Elliott to the finale prove that.
Elliott, on the other hand, does everything his own way and with so much class.

Whether Elliott loses or wins, he will have a very rewarding singing career ahead of him. This is just the beginning of his journey. I am very happy that he finally reached his dream of imparting his message across continents through his beautiful music.

As for me, I am grateful enough to admire someone like him and do it from afar.

Thank God for Elliott.


  1. Leony, thanks for sharing this. I'm also blown away by his talent, sincerety and humility. No explanation needed here. It's just too obvious.

    I guess he is the only one whom I see many times on TV yet didn't drive me to boredom. And it's not an overstatement either that his voice touches me in a way other contestants simply have no ability to do.

    Again, talent, sincerety and humility. I think that are what really work.

    You know what, I wish I'm in US now so can vote for him *ihiks*.

  2. letternya paten abis.. thanks for sharing it out, leony!

  3. Kesan dr seseorg yg sangat mengagumi Elliott Yamin seperti cici.
    I jg berharap American Idol menjadi gerbang awal kesuksesan dr Elliott meski die juara atau tidak.
    Die bisa buktiin kepada "dunia" bahwa kekurangan
    maupun kelemahan fisikny bukan menjadi penghalang bagi die
    untuk nunjukkin "siapa dia" sebenerny dengan suara khasny untuk menghibur org.
    Suarany bs dibilang "luar biasa" dan bs membuat org terhanyut untuk merasakan apa yg die rasakan.
    Bukan hanya itu, kedekatan die dgn nyokapny membentuk die menjadi seorg teladan yg patut dicontoh.
    Sesungguhny dielah the Real American Idol.
    Moga2 ada produser yg merekrut die buat jd mega-bintang. Amin.

  4. Test! Semoga gak ada lagi yang ngejunk di postingan ini.

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