Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Trip To Cleveland

1.30 AM today. Yes, that's the time we reached my BF's place from Cleveland. The were many things happened during the weekend. First, on the way to Cleveland, we got a speeding ticket for $125. I can't believe it, because we drove at 75 mph with cruise control, but the police stopped us saying that we ran at 84 mph. Probably they just played with us, but we really couldn't do anything. We arrived at Lakewood, OH at 7.30 PM, but the person that we're supposed to meet was still at work. He said he'll be back in 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, he didn't show up, and even he said he'd be there in 45 minutes. He was playing with us after we drove more than 7 hours and got a ticket.... *sigh* He even asked us to change the meeting time into Sunday... We were very hungry and decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant, and called the guy to meet us there. Then at 9.30 PM, we FINALLY met him. He was a nice guy actually. The thing was, we were suspicious about him, and he was suspicious about us since he couldn't believe that we would drive for 7 hours from Wisconsin to pick up the car. After my BF gave him the money, he believed that we were nice people. I understood why he was worry, because he's the only child in his family and his father cares about him so much. Even his father asked him so many questions after we did the transaction to make sure that things went properly.

On Sunday, we returned the rental car to the airport, and I had a chance to drive the "new" car. It was fun. We went to a Chinese Restaurant called Siam Cafe near downtown Cleveland, and it was a pretty good lunch. Kinda pricy though. Later that day, we drove around downtown and took picture on "The Fountain of Life", and the front side of "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". At 3 PM we decided to go back to Wisconsin. We stopped by at Walmart to do the oil change, and took off from there at 4.30 PM. On the way back, we stopped by at Chicago (at 10PM) to have dinner. And after the ticket that we got the day before, we got worse situation after dinner. We locked out ourselves because my boyfriend forgot to take the key out. We were panic and we called the police. After many attempts of calling here and there, we got a guy from towing company to unlock the door. We paid him $60 for 5 minutes job. However we thanked God that we found him. The thing was, our door cannot be opened from inside now because he broke something on the door. My BF said he might be able to fix it later.We managed to reach home at the time that I mentioned above. Oh gosh... Now I feel sleepy at work. Wanna go home...but still have 4.5 more hours to go though...zzzzz....

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