Sunday, January 30, 2005

Crazy Neighbor

Saturday morning we woke up kinda early. It was because a phone call from the old guy that lives next to my boyfriend's house. He was upset because one of the neighbor turned on music at 12AM in the morning and he couldn't sleep. I felt the same last night, but I was too tired and I didn't pay attention to the music anymore. Since we had plenty of time, we decided to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the warm sunny weather (yay, it's above 35F today..happy happy). After taking a shower we went to Landmark theater to watch "Sideways". Unfortunately the theater was closed for the afternoon show because of power outage. Many people were grumpy and said that the theater is a bummer. Probably I'm going back this afternoon at 4:20, but the rate is not going to be matinee anymore. My boyfriend is sleeping right now... He didn't get enough sleep this week. Poor him.... Hopefully, he will be back on track after he wake up ( What track Non ? hehehe)..

Friday, January 28, 2005

Panang Curry

It's Thursday already... I just cooked panang curry for tonight's dinner. I tried new brand of paste, but it smell kinda weird. Hopefully the taste is good. I usually didn't taste the food before I serve it. Like yesterday, I cooked steamed dumpling and realized that it was too salty during the dinner time hehehe.... Our plan today is washing the cats. Last time they touched water probably last summer *you see ? It's been more than 6 month....* The cats are afraid of water, so hopefully today they are nice and don't scratch us.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Chicken Fat Stuck in My Sink

This morning I woke up at 9.40. Still enjoying the last 2 weeks before going into the work force. I believe I'll be waking up at around 6:30 every morning later. After taking a shower I went to the Asian Mart based on the direction that I got from my boyfriend last night. When I got there, the store was dark and the height of the snow was higher than the front door. I assumed that it was closed. I really wanna make hainan chicken rice, unfortunately it has to wait.

Funny thing happened just 2 hours ago. Some chicken fat stucked in the sink and the water cannot go through. I used to have a garbage incinerator in my old apartment, so when something stucked, I just turned it on. But this building has none of it. I tried to asked Sinyo for plunger, but he said that his was for the toilet bowl, so I changed my mind. Later I message Mike and he got the gel. I used that (for the first time in my life), and it worked ! I cooked steam rice with chicken and stir fried napa with dried shrimp today. Hopefully they taste good.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My EAD Card ! YAY !


I managed to get my temporary EAD card. The officer was teasing me by saying that it's not 90 days yet. She said that the 90 days will be fell on Janiary 21st. Then I replied, this is January 24th already. And then she said sorry and laugh. Apparently she forgot baout the date. Then the ice seemed to melt :). My temporary card will be ready on Wednesday.

I've called my HR, and she said that I'm goona start working on February 7. That's cool. I cannot wait ! Oh God, thank you so much for Your blessing.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sinyo's Moving Day

Today the weather is much better. We managed to go to the church by walking. It's almost 7 blocks away, but it was warm and sunny (Yeah I called it warm when it is around 2 decree celcius. As long as it is above 0, it is nice :P). The pastor recognized us as newcomers, and welcomed us. Later, we helped Sinyo move to my boyfriend's house. Many people helped, so it was fast moving day. This evening, Sinyo ordered Popeye fried chicken for dinner, and all of us here were invited. I helped to cook the rice. Hopefully it is gonna be a fun nite.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Moving to Milwaukee, Christmas, et Cetera

Dooh... It's almost the end of January already. I haven't visited my blog for almost 2 monthsssss... Basically I'm finished with school now, got a job, but because of the damn OPT, I haven't started my work yet. Thanks God, Ernst and Young HR were kind and they moved back my starting date to February 7. Next Monday, I'll go to INS (again) to request for temporary card. Hopefully it will work. I don't want to wait for 1.5 hours and got nothing like last time I went there. The security and the people behind the counter treated foreigners as we are nothing in the US. They should realized that they got more than $30k/ yr from each foreign student that goes to school here. I'm crossing my finger, praying and hoping that the real card will arrive soon. I know my mom, my brother, and my boyfriend also pray with me.

BTW, I and my boyfriend spent our Christmas in Milwaukee. We went to the Christmas midnite mass at St. Josaphat Basilica. The Basilica is sooo beautiful, and we had a great time singing christmas carols together. After that, moving days came, and it was tiring... (felt like I don't wanna move anymore). We spent our new year's eve at Navy Pier Chicago, counting down, and making stupid video. It was fun though, but it was really cold.

I stayed at my boyfriend's house for almost a month until I bought a bed and it's been two days now that I stayed in my new apartment. I miss my old one though. This one, the parking spot was kinda far, and yesterday my car was stuck in the parking ramp, covered with snow because the ramp has no roof. I paid $82/month for the ramp, and that's what I got. The heater also didn't work yesterday, and my room felt sooo cold. Fortunately I met the manager and he turned up the heat later. I'm not that excited and happy with the condition of the apartment. Many leakages on the wall so the wall started to torn apart. Hopefully they will fix it before I continue my lease.

OK, that's the story for now. The weather this weekend turns out to be not too good for driving, and I don't wanna lose my new spot at the ramp. I really wanna start to worrrrkkkk !!! Pray for me please !