Thursday, October 21, 2004


Two days ago, I had two exams, and that day seemed to be the worst day... Both exams were really hard. I don't even wanna talk on how hard they are. Again, today is Wednesday anyway. I think it's gonna be better to relax since I will have no exam until next month. This weekend is gonna be fun though. Doing interview on Friday morning with EY, then I can enjoy my weekend. It feels so short everytime I had a good time. I wish that weekdays are weekends, and switch them. Therefore I will go to school for 2 days, and enjoy the last 5 days relaxing. What a crazy idea. I'm too tired with all school work. Somehow, I still went back to read my book... the other half of me said that I need to work hard to achieve what I want... Whatever... Ok then, I wanna enjoy the rest of this day !

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